is an architectural practice working on collaborative design through research and projects in both Asia and Europe. Directed by Alexander Eriksson Furunes, architect and co-founder of the
design collective WORKSHOP (2012-16), as well as a fellow at the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (2016-19).

We are currently in the process of completing project Tagpuro (Philippines), which has been the result of a 3year long collaboration with Streetlight. An organization founded by Erlend Johannesen and Neva Homeres, providing shelter care & educational programs for children in Tacloban, Philippines. Developed in partneship with Leandro V. Locsin Partners, engineer Jago Boase and the communities affected by super typhoon Haiyan (2013).

New projects and collaborations are coming up, and will be updated on this webpage. Info: mail@erikssonfurunes.com