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For this workshop our four NTNU Students that will be staying with us for the next three months joined in on the workshop together with Laura Lim Sam from the AA school of Architecture. They had prepared a site model in advance of the workshops that the kids used to further develop the site plan that they made last week. Using plastelina they made a small model of each building and programme and placed it on site, based on the location they had given it in the previous workshop. Using the plastelina worked really well; it’s quick and easy to use, so that even the very young kids were making model buildings, it allows a surprisingly high level of detail, with some of the kids going into the internal building design, and finally it’s very brightly coloured and Filipino’s love colour. One of the buildings, the office, was made with a red roof and blue walls. One of the kids explained that the current office, where they had sheltered on the roof when the storm surge came in, had a blue roof and red walls and that the new office should be the same in memory of this but different because it’s a new beginning; so he flipped them.

Below are Devina’s notes on the workshop:
The Residential Care Centre should be a 2 storey building with an inclined type of roofing. The children would really like to have an attic in it, where they could have study space. The office should also be a 2 storey building, where the first floor will be a general office and the second floor is an executive office. Particularly the executive office, should have a waiting area with chairs outside. They would like a large 2 storey building for the Study Centre. This building should have an attic as well, where they could hang out during free time. This is where they could conduct the tutorial as well. The Function hall should be a native type building with nipa palm roof. This is for good ventilation purposes. It would also have a pathway to the Art venture building for easy access during events. The art venture has a small stage. They would love to have a pathway to every building so that they don’t have to step on the grassy area. The pool will be perfectly designed with a slides and a Jacuzzi at the end, so they could also play while swimming and of course the bridge would look nicer on it. The Clinic interior consist of several beds, and there is a separate division where they store all the medicines. Actually, Ate Nerren suggested that the structure would be surrounded with a porch so that the kids won’t be isolated when they are admitted inside, and that the still can see other kids outside. Because the big boys like sports, they would like to have a basketball court and a soccer field with a changing room located in between.