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Today we had a full day workshop with the parents. The purpose of this workshop was to define what programs are needed to support the children in their education, why they are needed, who will run them and how. The aim was for the families to tailor the programs to their context, defining their own and Streetlight’s contribution, and then present this back to Erlend and Neva.

We had started the workshop by mixing the mothers and fathers together. This proved to be less efficient as the women were shy of talking in front of their husbands so we decided to separate them again. We split the mothers into four groups and the fathers into two and asked them to identify how they and Streetlight could provide the needs that they identified last week. During the morning session, for categories were identified by the mothers: Transport, Tutorial, School Utensils and Feeding. The fathers quickly defined communication as a central need, and suggested building a information board next to the road for the families and Streetlight to keep each other up to date. The fathers presented this to the mothers and the mothers presented their work back to the fathers. After a small discussion we all had lunch together.

The afternoon session was a continuation of the work that families did in the morning. They identified three other programs (Cultural, Building/Maintenance and Cleaning) needed to support the children in their education. By the end of the day we wrapped up today’s work by breaking each topic into what, why, who and how. Below are the pics and notes that the parents put together in these two sessions:

Mother presenting the food programme

 1. Transportation
Transportation is important for our kids to be able to be in school on time (7:30am-4:00pm). There are kids that live far away from school, especially the high school kids who need money for the jeepney fare). We will make sure that the kids will not be late for school. If Streetlight can provide school service (i.e. a vehicle), there are fathers who are willing to drive the kids to school and back home. If Streetlight will provide money for the fare, Saturday and Sunday is a good schedule for transportation allowance release.

2. Tutorial
A study space is needed for our kids to have a comfortable place to study. As parents we will help to monitor the kids in their school assignments so that our kids will be competent in school and they will pass all their subjects. If they have difficulties in their lessons/assignments, there will be a tutor/teacher to support the kids. Parents will help by guiding the kids to attend the tutorial at the study center (5:00-6:30pm). There should be specific tutorials on Math, English, Science and Reading. We as parents will be supportive for our children and we will not scold them all the time. So that they can focus on their studies and so they will be in time for their tutorials.

3. School supplies
The kids needs school supplies for their everyday classes. We buy this every June (start of school year) e.g. uniform, shoes and school supplies (1 pair  of uniforms yearly, 2 pairs of black shoes quarterly/yearly, School supplies monthly/quarterly, 1pc of raincoat/umbrella quarterly, Books/dictionaries yearly, tutorials everyday, 100php for school projects monthly, 20 php allowance everyday, school service, xerox machine/ computer, laminating machine, 2 pcs bags yearly, bond paper (S/L), art paper, cartolina, manila paper, envelop (S/L), crayons, pencils, ballpoint pens, erasers, rulers, folders, glue/paste, scissors, illustration boards, notebooks, 5 pair of socks, pencil case, pad paper and 1 dozen of handkerchief/towel). Streetlight would provide the things we can’t afford to buy.

This is very important for the kids: the feeding materials/utensils to make the food and food to avoid malnutrition. Schedule of the feeding should be 3 times a week (or it could be everyday). We need breakfast and lunch, maybe snack as well.  We will make a schedule for cooking preparations. The food that we cook should be fresh vegetables, fish and meat. The vegetables can be grown by us, as we know farming. It should be 3-4 mothers to cook the food at the time. Some mothers will clean and wash the utensils and kitchen after it has been used for the feeding. The study center itself should also be cleaned by a group of parents. The fathers should look for wood to be used for cooking. The time of cooking should start at 3am in the morning.  The marketing group consists of 2 mothers and 1 father. 3 mothers per day is responsible for the cooking (as well as preparing lunch boxes), and  3 mothers will do kitchen cleaning every Friday. The fathers needs to decide on farming and harvest. There is three main areas of responsibilities: Cooking, Marketing and Farming

5. Cultural
The cultural programs are needed to remove stress from school, build friendships and cultivate the talents of the children. These cultural programs were identified by the children in the three categories music, sports and art (With the activities: B-ball, Soccer and Volleyball, Painting and Drawing classes, Drums, Guitars, Dancing and Singing). There would be music, arts and sport lessons every Saturday. Once a month the children should have an event to show their dance and song skills.

6. Building/ maintenance
Fathers will contribute during weekends with construction and maintenance through bayanihan. The first bayanihan will be to build the information board. In the future fathers will support by providing repair and maintenance on furniture, doors , windows etc. on the study center building.

7. Cleaning
Mothers provide support to clean the study center building.

Discussing todays output