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The next day we returned to Tagpuro to continue the workshop. Up to this point the parents have been developing their concept of the Study Center programme without much input from Streetlight. This has been to allow the parents to take ownership of the programme, which is key if it is going to be successful in the long run, and to identify exactly what their needs are and how best to meet these. However without knowing to what extent Streetlight will support this has meant that it has not become fully real to the parents yet, it’s still just a hope. Today is when the parents present to Streetlight the programme they have developed.

Split into two groups, husbands and wives, we started with a game: a jigsaw puzzle cut from from a group photo of their kids at the first Study Center workshop. We then asked them to produce a day in the life of the study center. We had previously done a day in the life workshop with, separately, the kids and mothers and fathers but this was before the existence of the Study Center. This time we asked them to focus on the Study Center and their connection to it, not just on their typical day. The purpose of this was to produce a more immediately comprehensible understanding of the Study Center programme, focusing on activities and the parents’ and Streetlight’s roles&responsibilities.

We handed both groups 24 cards, one for each hour, and asked them to write down what is happening in each hour, even at night (cue much hilarity). As ever the mothers were more forthcoming and produced detailed descriptions of each hour, while the fathers stuck to just the headlines. To counter this split the fathers into groups of four and assigned a mother to each group to help them.

Miming something

After lunch we were joined by Erlend and Neva. With Neva joining the mothers and Erlend the fathers we split them into two groups facing each other. Jovy (the head tutor at Streetlight, who has been running the workshops with us since Nerren upped and left) handed each group one of the cards they produced in the morning, chosen at random, and asked them to mime the activities on the card for the other group to guess the activity and the time of day. Put simply, this was really fucking funny. A couple of the fathers in particular really went for it and we had to stop handing out the cards before things too lewd.

Miming over we stapled all of the cards up hour by hour on 24 stakes along the front of where the Study Center will be. The parents then talked Erlend and Neva through the whole day. We encouraged Erlend and Neva to ask questions of the parents, partly just to make it less of a presentation but also to force the parents to explain things in detail and even defend their decisions. This was supposed to be it for the day but the parents then went straight on and explained the Who What Why & How board to Erlend and Neva.

Finally Erlend announced stating that he was very excited by their proposed program and that Streetlight would be happy to support it along the lines outlined by the parents. To celebrate this agreement we had a group photo all stood inside the Study Center footprint, behind the hour by hour boards.

An hour a day on one stick in front of the future site of the study center

Below is the day in the study center, as presented by the parents during todays workshop:

Wake up, drink coffee and walk to Study Centre

Parents who are assigned will prepare the food for breakfast. For example some will chop the vegetables

Start of cooking the food for the children such as hot dog egg or prepare milk for the kids or the other parents should guide the kids to eat properly.

Nanay’s prepare cooked food to each plate so that kids can eat and prepare baon for lunch and snack as well.
Tatay’s will go to Study Centre to check up the school bus, wash and clean it.

7– 7:30AM
3 High School Transport to Bagacay (Gariando, Manito, Navigante R., in charge kuya Nonoy)
6 HS to kawaan from seaside at 7am and go back and get 5 more from boundary at 7:15AM (in charge Kuya Dorong)
Transport 11 kids from seaside to Tagpuro Elem. School (incharge Kuya Dorong)

Tatay will drive the school bus so that kids can go to school.
Nanays will wash all the utensils that they used for feeding. After that they will clean the Study Centre then they will go home.
Every Sunday Nanay will do the marketing for 1 week supply of food.

7:30-8:15AM Flag Ceremony
Kids will do the following activities: prayer, exercise like dancing, jumping, school announcement (teachers & principal), Nanay’s will do the household chores, prepare school things like bag, notebooks, papers of the kids.

Tatay will prepare t go back to Study Centre from School.

Kids will be at their respective classrooms.
Parents will do the cleaning and washing clothes, toothbrush and taking a bath.

Tatay will fix the damaged tables and chairs at the Study Centre and check other things that needs fixing.
Prepare food for lunch and snack time.

Continue to do the gardening. Work on other things.
Kids will have their recess time, playing time, eating time.
Parents will have their snack time.

Kids will get back to the classroom.
Class Hours (writing, reading and quizzes.
Parents will prepare food and watch tv.

Finish repair work.
Kids (Pre-elem: lunch break) going home
Elementary (primary & intermediate level class hours)
Parents will have lunch.

Lunch Break, Rest

Go back working, repair and farming
Kids class hours
Parents will be washing dishes, watch showtime, eat bulaga, sleeping, cjitchatting.

Kids (pre-elem will go out from school)
Elementary (class hours)
Parents are watching tv while waiting for their kids.
Gardening when sun is out.
Preparing food like vegetables.

Kuya Nonoy to get 3 High school kids from Bagacay .
Kuya Dorong to get 11 kids from Kawayan (2 trips)
To get 11 elementary kids from Tagpuro Elementary School
Or which eve comes first (usually elementary students send home earlier) 2 trips

Pick up kids to get home then to Streetlight to attend at the Study Centre.

Kids will answer their assignments. Kids will go to Study centre everyday where tutors could teach their assignments and help with their assignments and projects in school.

Review of previous topics. If the kids are done with their assignments, they can ask their tutors to help them how to use the cultural room like using the drums, guitar or sing and etc.

Pick up the kids from Streetlight to get home.
Tutorial for advance topics:
During Mondays: Kids should learn reading English, Tagalog, and Local Dialect (waraywaray)
During Tuesdays: Kids should learn advance topics of Mathematics.
During Wednesday: Kids should learn advance topics in English.
During Thursday: Kids should learn advance topics in Science.
During Friday: Kids should learn Reading. This is important for the kids to learn reading and understanding.
Kids should use available references at the Study Centre.
After the tutorial kids will go home for dinner, relax and sleep.

Cook food for dinner
Drop by the market to buy rice and viand.
Dinner time, watching tv, half bath.

Watch tv news, eating together, facebook.

Watch forever tv series, then sleeping time.

Sleeping, Snoring

Sleeping with wife

Sleeping very well