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The aim of this after school workshop was to get the kids to engage with the mother’s model made in the previous workshop and get them to think creatively about the possible spaces in the study center. We asked some of the mothers to help out and explain their two model proposals to the kids. On arrival we were pleased to see that some of the mothers were already at the Barangay Hall eager to help out.

Firstly we split the kids into two groups and played a game of physical theatre – asking the kids to mime out various spaces within the study center (e.g. library, kitchen, study area etc.) a game we also used during the mothers workshop. Unlike the mothers, the kids (always the more creative ones) immediately got into role using their bodies to represent parts of furniture or miming out activities inside the spaces. This game proved to be really fun for kids and mothers alike; the older kids enjoyed messing about with the younger kids, lifting them and swinging them around, whilst the mothers enjoyed seeing their kids interacting with one another. My favourite was the performance area mime, where some kids crouched down on the floor to symbolise the stage whilst another small kid stood on their backs pretending to sing. The mis-en-scene was completed, by the other kids stood in background dancing or pretending to be backing singers.

Following the mime, we asked the mothers to explain their models to the kids in two groups, one for each model. The mothers described each room sequentially and explained to the kids their thoughts about the spaces and the desired qualities. The kids were assigned each a room within the study center and were told to make a drawing of that space from their imagination. After a couple of minutes, we noticed that many of the kids were just drawing objects inside the rooms without any spatial qualities. We asked the mothers and streetlight girls to help explain to the kids in Warray Warray that they needed to imagine themselves and draw themselves inside their fantasy room. After that the kids drawings became a lot more imaginative.

Finally we asked the kids to present their drawings to each other one at a time. This took an obscene amount of time as some of the kids were too shy to stand up and talk about their drawings. After much encouragement from the streetlight girls, we managed to finish all the presentations, by which point it was night fall, so we quickly handed out the yummy raison bread snacks and sent the kids on their way home.