Bus Stop: 
Tagpuro, Philippines 2015 

Four students from NTNU built a bus-stop and mapped the relocation area after typhoon Haiyan under the supervision of Alexander Erikson Furunes.

This project was designed by four master students at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU) under the supervision and mentorship of Furunes. The project was a part of a larger project to reconstruct Streetlight’s buildings within the relocation zone in Tagpuro. The relocation was expected to increase the population of Tagpuro drastically, from 200 to 2000 families. However, little efforts were made to inform the local community about the relocation or its impact. On the other hand, relocated families were housed in enclosed compounds and kept separate from the existing community. Working with the community of Tagpuro, the students collaboratively mapped the existing and future households to better understand the impacts of relocation to the new area. The local bus stop, adjacent to the main road and local community hall, was identified as the best place in the village to display the map for the community. As the bus stop was in bad condition, the local municipality and the students decided to build a new bus stop with a police station on top. This small symbolic intervention functioned as a catalyst to get to know the community of Tagpuro during the preparation phase to rebuild Streetlight’s facilities.

Team: Anders Gunleiksrud, Lars Sebastian Østlie,
Kristin Solhaug Næss & John Haddal Mork
Supervisor: Alexander Eriksson Furunes & Hans Skotte
Partners: Barangay Tagpuro